Switch to the e6 SOFT and feel what it is like to gain accuracy, distance, and a decisive advantage over the competition.

The e6 SOFT is a high-performance ball with a soft feel. It is designed to produce low driver and long iron spin for incredible straight distance. The advance mantle and cover work together to provide incredible approach and greenside performance.

For straighter distance

Delta Dimple

The construction of the e6 SOFT is combined with the new Delta Dimple. Designed to allow smoother air resistance around the ball and to resist pop ups, the Delta Dimple is designed for straight distance.

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LONGER AND STRAIGHTER THAN THE TITLEIST TOP MODELS WITH BALL FITTING* *Claim based on aggregate comparison of shots hit by individual golfers from 2008 to 2016 hitting Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x, DT Solo, NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, NXT Extreme, and Velocity balls without having undergone ball fitting, and the same golfers hitting a ball-fit Bridgestone e6. Ball fitting process used to determine the Bridgestone e6 was best suited for the golfer prior to completing performance comparison. Results do not apply to every listed ball model across every year. e6 statistics based on combination of e6 Speed and e6 Soft. Individual results may vary. Titleist® and ball names are trademarks of Acushnet Company. e6® is a registered trademark of Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. © Bridgestone Golf, Inc.

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